Want your improvisation on saxophone to flow and express what you want?

Improvisation Class

(Visual representation of the Saxophone Improvisation Class)

Four modules spaced over four weeks

Focusing on two songs

Learn about scales, rhythm, phrasing, and more

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Why Sax Station?

Through 18 years of playing saxophone, I have been through many lessons. Have been improvising the whole time, initially not very well!

You can learn from some of the approaches I think are most effective. Starting with simple music and beginning with melody and then branching out. Staying with the music and making your solo feel and sound good.

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What Other Are Saying

I wanted to know if I would be able to access the class materials after it was over. I often need to review lessons to help me remember.

As a result of purchasing, I got a lot more benefits than just the class. It made me aware of a completely different way to approach my practicing.

What I liked best about the class was the modular approach that builds on specific topics. The two songs were far apart in complexity, but your approach made the transition seamless.

(1) I found a direct correlation between scales practice and soloing.
(2) The outlining of the songs makes it easier to relate or translate to other songs.
(3) Many of your other tips are helpful both as the apply directly to the class and improving my playing overall.

I will definitely recommend your class. Many of the adults in my group have busy lives and cannot afford to take time out of their work/family responsibility days for classes on a regular basis. They do, however, have time to practice at night. This fits right into their busy schedules. This is a fun way to take a class. I will return for more.
-Brennon Miller

"Your lessons and advice have been extremely helpful in helping me build my confidence and improve my solos.  This weekend I actually got up on stage in front of a hundred people and jammed with musicians I just met that evening."

Your approach to teaching is fantastic, you make complex pieces look quite simple than expected. Finding time to practice is tough but your methods seems to encourage me a lot. Great teacher!!"

"Hi Neal the class went well
I am still chewing on some of the stuff since I always need more time
Working my through
Good stuff and I like the choice of songs

"Things are making more sense now.  
I wasn't sure about your class at first but it has been invaluable to me because now I feel I have some direction to my practice with an end result in mind.
BTW, thanks for breaking it down step by step for me. That helped a lot."